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Integrative Wellness ExpoClasses

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What if there was an event in Yuma that you could come to learn more about your human potential, optimal wellness, and artistic expression?

-Fitness – Nutrition – Wellness
-Spiritual growth – Meditation – Wellness
-Psychological growth, (the mind) – Relationships – Wellness
-Social growth – creativity through the arts, culture, - Wellness

This is the Integral Model based on the Integral Approach designed by Ken Wilbur. In summary, based on years of research, combing through religious texts and new found cognitive scientific studies, in order for humanity to have optimal wellness we need to have balance with the four quadrants Integral Model. This is in essence the Body, Mind, Spirit, Arts/Culture.

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My ultimate goal is to build my business, my personal relationships, and my community using this model. Hence the organization of bringing all of this together in one Wellness Expo.

Vendor Booths will be available for rent for $40.00. This includes table, chairs, the event will take place at the Littlewood Art and Community Co-op on January 26th. Time of event and set up information will be determined and confirmed very soon.

The layout will be set up by categories.

Body – Fitness – Nutrition – Yoga

Mind – Psychology – Counselors – Life/Relationship/coaches

Spirit – Massage – reiki- Chiropractors – Acupuncture – Sound Healing – Tarot – Numerology

Arts – Crafts – Classes – Make and takes for kids – Art is Therapy – art if healing – Art if the divine expression of creative life force

Food – Vendors will be on site to provide healthy options

Gardening – Organic Farmers ?? Anyone have any leads on this – please let me know.

Art and Dance Performances

My wish is to have a Native American Drum Circle, Bell Dancing to honor sacred feminine, music, sound healing circle, and some other ideas I have in the works.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions or if you would like to be a part of this amazing new event in our community.

My cell phone is 928-581-7952
My email is :
Facebook : lissa Magana

My wish if for all beings to be free from suffering, for everyone to have food to eat everyday, love in their hearts and light in their spirits.
Be well and know that you are loved.
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TUESDAY - Saturday
11am to 8pm


If you have cooperative values, enjoy interacting with "artsy" people and want to build community, we would love to hear from you! Click below to be added to our list of volunteers! We Thank you in advanced!

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