Want to be an Intern?

At Littlewood Fine Art & Community Co-Op (LFACC), you will experience Art and creativity in many forms and meet seasoned artists working in various mediums. As an intern, you will also learn a lot about Art – from marketing and displaying it, to installing gallery exhibitions and storing pieces for the future. Basically, you’ll have your finger on the pulse of the LFACC’s entire operation. Whether helping in the studio areas, where you’ll learn about both making and teaching Art, or working at the gallery’s front desk, where you’ll help keep the Art Community informed and involved, you’ll be an integral part the success of the LFACC’s mission. Anyone can be an intern – but there are a limited number of internships available on a rotating basis.

Student Interns:

Regardless of what course of study you’re undertaking, or what year of school you are in, all student interns will receive a letter of recognition from the Board of Directors to formally relate your involvement with the LFACC. Student internships, especially those of Art students, are wonderful opportunities to network and further your education in a ‘Real World’ environment. The LFACC is here to support and help students in any way we can!


Interns are generally expected to ‘fill in the gaps’ by helping to do things not specifically assigned to others and to perform simple ‘housekeeping’ tasks such as cleaning, setting up, breaking down, organizing supplies, and the like. Initiative, once you learn how the LFACC ‘machine’ works, is valued above all else – there is always something for interns to do. Just ask!

The Perks of being an Intern:

The LFACC wants Interns to learn as much as possible, but to also do as much as time and space allow. To this end, the LFACC offers interns limited studio space and materials, as available, during regular business hours when you’re not assigned tasks and on days you’re not working. The LFACC will also have a number of Intern-based events throughout the year, specifically to showcase your work.

- The relationship between the LFACC and its interns is symbiotic. Help us help you by being a hard-working intern!


TUESDAY - Saturday
11am to 8pm


If you have cooperative values, enjoy interacting with "artsy" people and want to build community, we would love to hear from you! Click below to be added to our list of volunteers! We Thank you in advanced!

How to Volunteer



$10, $20, or $30/mo


Any Amount

Children’s Classes are FREE